Equus 3320 Multimeter Review

January 27, 2012

If you are looking for a multimeter to use around the house then the Equus 3320 is probably on your list of possibilities. It is handy size means that you can take it anywhere and not worry about having to try to set it up so that you can read it. It will fit in the palm of your hand. This is a very useful feature for the weekender fixer who has a limited amount of time, and possibly patience, to get the job done accurately.

A nice feature that this system comes with is a large display. This makes it easy for you to read, even when it’s not as close as you may like it to be. Its LED display is also color-coded so that you can easily read and determine the readout.

It’s great for testing and checking multiple items. It can test AC or DC Voltage, AC and DC currents, resistance, continuity, diodes, and even batteries. One of the nice features is the auto-ranging scales. This eliminates the need to put it in the correct range when you are taking measurements.

There are some down sides. While it does have the ability to test AC current it lacks a high range for this. The max that it can test is only 200MA which may not be practical for your AC current measurements. So this could be a disappointment.

On a positive side, unlike some other meters, this one is rated to test is automotive items. So if you are working on your car, boat or truck you can simply use this nice little meter and keep going.

It runs on two AA batteries. This is handy since most people seem to always have AA batteries lying around the house. It also has a battery condition indicator on the LED so you can tell when you need to change the battery instead of waiting to see if it’s going to die on you.

Also a plus is the fact that due to it taking the standard sized plugs it is compatible with 3rd party probes and connectors. This can help you if you are trying to accomplish something that you need a more customized probe for.

It’s a reasonably priced multimeter (running about $35 on some sites). For the money it is a nice little investment that can keep the basics of your home up and running for a while.

Automotive Multimeter Reviews

January 27, 2012

Finding a multimeter easy, finding a multimeter to use on your car, truck, or boat not so easy. That’s where we can help. We list reviews of some of the more popular automotive multimeters on the market. You can surf through them, get the information that will help you the most so that you can get the right tool for the right job.

Actron CP7677 Multimeter Review

January 27, 2012

If you are into fixing up your car and want a simple and effective multimeter to help you with the job then you might want to check out the Actron CP7677. This multimeter is made to go out in the garage with you and help diagnose any voltage problems your truck, car or boat might be having. It is a must have for the automotive do-it-yourselfer.

Let’s start with some of the disappointments that others have found with this little auto troubleshooter. First off, if you’ve been spoiled by the big dogs and their auto-power down option, get over it. Sure you have to turn the thing off yourself but it’s a small price to pay for a handy little tool. Also there is no auto-range on the Actron CP7677 which just means you have to pay attention and set the dial to the right range in order to get an accurate reading. It’s not a big deal in the long run.

It is a rugged little piece of equipment though. You don’t have to worry about what will happen if you drop it. Also it’s resistant to things like oil, grease, and general grime. This is a good thing; you are going to be working on engines after all. Oil, grease, and general grime all seem to be just part of the territory when you open the hood.

It also has a fairly good range. The DC volt ranges include 200mV, 2V, 20V and 200V with accuracies of ±0.5% and the 1000V DC range has and accuracy of ±0.8%.Tha AC Volts ranges include 2V, 20V, and 200V with accuracies at ±0.8% and the 750V range has accuracy of ±1.0%. It also has a DC current range of 200mA and 10A. You can also test the dwell (4 cyl, 6cyl, or 8cyl), RPM (4cyl, 6cyl, 8cyl) and audible continuity.

It’s offered at a fair price. Most of these meters sell for over a hundred dollars, but this one is priced reasonably at $50 or less. Which means that there is little reason for your toolbox to be without one of these handy automotive troubleshooting tools.

Fluke 115 Multimeter Review

January 27, 2012

If you are looking for a digital multimeter for the quick on the go situations the Fluke 115 has what you’re looking for. First off, it is a Fluke and anyone that has this brand of multimeter will tell you that it is one of the best on the market. Like all Fluke models the Fluke 115 is rugged which means you can drop it, haul it around, be mean to it and it will last. It’s ideal for a wide array of electrical jobs.

Portability is the name of the game with these meters. The Fluke 115 will fit in your hand, easy enough to carry around to whatever job you are heading to. You don’t have to worry about finding a place to set it up just so that you can take some readings.

A great feature that the Fluke 115 has is its simplicity to use. The backlit 6,000 count display has large digits so you don’t have to guess at what its saying. The labeling on the front makes it easy for you to know which dial, button, or jack to use. That makes it completely user friendly. And if you are just trying to check a fuse or wire the True-RMS meter will give you a simple beep to indicate it’s working properly. No beep then you might want to check the fuse or your settings to ensure that the system is running properly.

For the professional this is a great meter it has a great rang from 200ma to 1A DC. The 115 also allows you to check frequency, diode tests, capacitance, and continuity. Non-linear loads are also tested with accuracy. The 115 can measure 10 A continuous and 20A momentary for your convenience.

The 115 also has the same safety ratings as the big boys being CA III 600 volt rated. It is also UL, TUV, VDE< and CSA listed. All of its inputs are protected to CE, IEN61010-1.

With the same min/max/ average feature as well as the elapsed time so you can record signal fluctuations this really is a great tool for professional workers.

Fluke 87v Multimeter Review

January 27, 2012

Even if you are just a weekend warrior of your own home you still need a versatile meter to help you do the repairs you need. The Fluke 87v falls into that category. It is tough enough for even the most rugged professional job, but simple enough to use that just the jack-of-all-trades can use it to do the little projects around the house.

When you buy a Fluke 87v you know you’ll be getting the dependability of the Fluke brand. These multimeters have proven to stand the test of time and this model is no exception. Designed for problems solving this model offers improved measurements, accuracy and resolution. There is even a trouble-shooting feature that allows you to solve problems with automation, power distribution, motor drives, and electro-mechanical equipment.

You can also rest assured that this model is built with safety in mind and comes complete with plenty of safety features. It has been tested to comply with ANSI/IAS S 82.01 and EN61010-1. It can withstand impulses of 8,000 volts so you can worry less about surges and spikes. Completely rugged it is impact prove and will fit in the palm of your hand so you don’t have to worry about trying to juggle it around.

The Fluke 87v is amazingly accurate to 0.05%DC. The True-RMS AC voltage provides measurements on non-linear signals that are completely dependable. It will measure 1,000 volt AC and DC as well as 0A to 20A for 30 seconds.

It’s extremely versatile too. It provides both auto and manual ranging. It also records minimums/maximums/ and an average. With its analog bar graph you can quickly measure unstable or quick-changing signals.

Other features of the Fluke 87v include a built in thermometer. This allows you to conveniently take temperature readings without having to have a separate thermometer.  It also has a large digital display which makes it easy for you to read. It also comes with a removable holster with built-in probe and test lead storage; you won’t have to worry about misplacing them. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this multimeter is a great buy for anyone, even if you just do work around the house.

Fluke 179 Multimeter Review

January 27, 2012

The Fluke 179 is the perfect portable meter for those who just need something simple and easy to use. Like all the other models made by Fluke you can rest assured that it has the same high quality that their other models carry. As with larger more expensive models you get the same safety rating EN 61010-1 to 1,000V CAT III and EN 61010-1 to 600V CAT IV. You’ll feel safe and secure in case of electrical shock.

The Fluke 179 also includes their True-RMS voltage and current system. This will allow the user to read and monitor non-linear signals. It makes it extremely easy to understand the readings. Simply hold the leads to a wire or fuse, if the system beeps the wire or fuse is good and you can continue your search for the cause. If there is no beep the wire or fuse is bad or you need to adjust the settings on the equipment you are working on, depending on your testing needs.

This Fluke also comes with a temperature measurement so you can don’t have to worry about carrying around multiple pieces of equipment. This is a big plus, especially on the job when you might have to check and make sure something is the correct temperature as well as move on to ensure that things are getting the voltage that they are supposed to be getting.

This meter is extremely accurate too; its basic accuracy is 0.09% (DC). The Maximum AC accuracy is 1.5%. It also has a capacitance accuracy that runs ±1.2%. That’s great accuracy. You can rest assured that like all Fluke models you can rely on that accuracy year after year.

Another great feature that this Fluke 179 has is that it has a great battery life. This meter can last ~200 hours on a single battery. And you don’t have to have an expensive high name replacement either. Simply pop out the pre-installed 9V battery and put in your favorite brand, simple as that.

For a basic general purpose multimeter the Fluke 179 has everything you should need. It’s robust so it can take a beating and still keep working. You can operate it in extreme conditions (-10C) and will keep on working.

Digital Multimeter Reviews

January 27, 2012

Digital multimeters are a useful tool in both businesses and homes. You don’t have to be in the business of fixing the companies electrical system to utilize one of these handy tools. Trying to figure out the right one can be difficult. That’s what we’re here for. This area will be listing reviews and opinions on different multimeters. It’s a one stop comparison shop.